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The jump fiber market has broad prospects, and the demand can be expected to pick up in the future

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The jump fiber market has broad prospects, and the demand can be expected to pick up in the future
Latest company news about The jump fiber market has broad prospects, and the demand can be expected to pick up in the future

Before talking about the development of the jumper market, let's first understand the concept. The so-called patch cord generally refers to the abbreviation of patch cord. Patch cords are usually optical fibers between ODF racks. The fiber from the device to the ODF rack is usually called the device fiber. Sometimes the telecommunications industry refers to fibers with connectors at both ends as jumpers. There are many types of soft patch cords, including FC, SC, LC, ST and MPO/MTP from the interface type. Fiber jumper has a wide range of application scenarios, usually used in optical fiber communication, optical signal data transmission, local area networks, computer rooms, optical fiber CATV and other application scenarios.

The market development status of jumper products can be found in the centralized procurement of operators.


In 2019, China Mobile started the centralized procurement of 2020-2021 soft jumper fiber products, with a scale of about 194.05 million pieces and about 161.081 million meters; in 2020, China Mobile launched the centralized procurement of armored jumper fiber products from 2020 to 2021, with a procurement scale of about 521 Ten thousand pieces, equivalent to 67.75 million meters; this year, China Mobile started the centralized procurement of multi-mode 10 Gigabit soft jumpers from 2019 to 2020. The centralized procurement products are OM3 and OM4 10 Gigabit multi-mode soft jumpers. The estimated procurement scale is about 13.89 million meters (About 640,000 pieces).


According to China Mobile's centralized procurement value of soft jumper products, it can be found that the centralized procurement of soft jumper products reached its peak in 2018-2019, a year-on-year increase of 100 times, and then began to show a trend of declining demand. This is closely related to the slowing down of China Mobile's network construction. Through communication with relevant practitioners in the industry, it is understood that the decline in the demand for jumper products is temporary. With the large-scale development of 5G network construction, the demand for optical fiber and cable is gradually released, and the demand for jumper products will also pick up.


It can be seen from the recent actions of the three major operators that 5G-related work has accelerated since the official issuance of 5G commercial licenses. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also stated that it will gradually promote 5G independent networking next year, which is a big plus for the fiber optic cable industry. With the spread of 5G network construction on a large scale, the demand for optical fiber and cable will be released, and the demand for patch cord products in the subdivisions will also increase.


In addition, the rapid development of data center construction will also stimulate the growth of demand for jumper products. Since optical fiber jumpers are composed of ferrules (ceramic or MPO ferrules), optical fibers (single-mode or multi-mode) and metal sleeves (engineering plastic sleeves) in principle, the demand for such related supporting products will also increase . Manufacturers with a full set of jumper fiber production capabilities will benefit to the maximum.



With the growth of my country's optical communications market, my country has become the most important fiber jumper production base and consumer market in the world, forming a complete range of products with a wide variety of products, and giving birth to a number of outstanding fiber jumper manufacturers. Jumper manufacturers, especially soft jumper manufacturers, are relatively scattered and lack advantages in bargaining power. This requires fiber jumper manufacturers to fully understand the future market demand, according to relevant practitioners in the industry. Miniaturization and integration are the development trend of optical fiber connectors. In the future, it will develop towards the direction of low cost, standardization, high port count, miniaturization, simplified structure, and easy installation. At the same time, high-density MPO/MTP connectors have become the standard interface for 40G and 100G network transmission, and the market prospects are broad. In the future, with the opening of the 400G era, high-end fiber jumpers will usher in a market pattern of rising volume and price.

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